Sunday, June 9, 2013

(Letter From June 4th)

Aah! Hi family! :)

Good to hear from you guys. What a long couple days! Haha we had a funny little adventure with a couple elders in our zone last night- we`ve had a little bit of "trouble" with a couple this transfer- so last night we didn`t get a call or anything from one area and trying to get together all the numbers for the week, at like 11:30 we got a call from President saying that we needed to go look for them and make sure they were okay! So with all that we got back about 12 ish. Also an update for you guys, transfers came and Elder Prestwich and I got split up! NO! That was a bummer. The time passed by so quick and la verdad it was such a blessing to be with him for at least a little bit. So we got him all packed up and out the door early this morning to get to Banfield. Transfers always come with a sweet treat! :) Also mom, with the work outs you`ve given me they`ve kicked my.. bottom! I did them all, I was feeling a little bit sick this week so I couldn`t do them all 100% but I did "bring it" in Tony`s words. Thanks for sending them!

I am still in Bosques! I received Elder Jimenez a stud Elder that I new back from Fiorito. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. (lives about 10 minutes from the temple is what he told me, hoping to find some relation with the Pia family but no.) He is a capo and I am super excited to start working with him. He was just called as a zone leader and comes with some very powerful qualities as a leader!! We`ve still got a lot of difficulties getting missionaries into the country, about 50 are waiting in other parts of the world just to get into Argentina, so the mission is hitting some tough speed bumps. One of those being having to close a bunch of areas! In our zone, the past transfer and this one we`ve lost 2 areas and are down to only 10 missionaries. We were called to be the District Leader/Zone Leaders for our area and we will be taking the other area of the missionaries who were here in Bosques. I am excited. Couldn`t be more grateful for the trust that the President has in us and also that the Lord has in us, my eyes are just kinda wide-eyed and a lot of prayers and fasting to know where to start. I am glad for the blessing of a companion. Micro-managing would be too difficult so one step at a time we`ll get it done! We`re excited to be able to start and just get to work! :) Elder Prestwich and I got a call from President Stapley on Sunday morning that really helped to assure us or what we were called to do. He has such a special way to be able to help ya feel good and wow, such love! Grateful for him!

Well our week went really well!! We were able to work with members this week that helped out our investigators in ways that we wouldn`t have been able to. We went to see Fernando and Diana a couple times this week. We went one of the times with our ward mission leader Hno. Juarez and had a great lesson with them. Hno. Juarez talked most of the time and shared with them how he came to know the truth of these things. Between him and Fernando they have a lot of things in common so what was said was special to them. Also right before Elder Prestwich left yesterday we passed by and had our own little testimony meeting with them! In the little time that we`ve been with them I was SO touched with all that they`ve come to know. Diana is a member, just hasn`t gone in a long time and Fernando shared a special testimony that He believes these things to be true. He knows that when he reads the Book of Mormon, his attitude changes and can keep him from doing things wrong also he shared his testimony that whenever we are there he feels different and knows that that feeling comes from God and wants to be part of all this! How special that was for Elder Prestwich and I to see them progressing in the Gospel!

Monica wasn`t able to come to church this last week! Please keep her in your prayers that she will! It`s so important that she goes to church so that she can overcome the difficulties and make deep progress. We had the most spiritual lesson with her on Friday. I am SURE that this is Gods work and sure that He directs it! We were planning to know what it was that we could do for Monica to answer her questions and help her to establish faith in Christ. It came clear to our minds that we should give her a priesthood blessing. When we passed by she began the lesson with a question, wanting to know if in our church we gave blessings!! She was in need of that for a couple issues that she had. We explained a little bit and then asked her if she believed that we had the authority to give her a blessing and that what we said would come from God. The blessing was a sacred privilege that I had. The spirit was strong and she was touched. As it says in Acts, "and their hearts were pricked and they asked.. what shall we do?" With the spirit there we invited her to be baptized for sure and she said that she knew that God is in this church and that she would, she will get baptized! WOW! So special. There is nothing greater than being able to help someone else come to the knowledge of this spirit!

On Wednesday (happy birthday sky-man) we had an incredible reunion with Elder Cook! We all thought that he was gonna come and speak like Elder Holland at us and put us in our place. How wrong were we!! He spoke with such love and with such power of testimony! He talked about the need to establish faith in Jesus Christ- in ourselves and in others. He left us with a very very special blessing that we would be able to come to know the importance that our missions would have upon the generations of our family! I am grateful for my mission and grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. Elder Cook is an apostle of our Savior. I felt of His testimony and the spirit also bore witness.

This week and many weeks of my life I know that I could have been better. I know that my weaknesses are many, but I learned something amazing about the Atonement. It doesn`t matter how much we fail just as long we put in our best effort and sacrifice His will for ours I know that His grace is sufficient to take our burdens if we place them at His feet!

for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Good luck with the house!

Elder Jolley

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