Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hola familia!! Fa, soné- primero Cancun y ahora Lake Powell! Haha broma broma. Que bueno. Espero que les pase bien y que puedan disfrutar la hermosura de Lake Powell. (shoot off some fireworks for me!)

I CAN WORK!! Ha no more apartment! The control on tuesday went really well- we waited for like 2 hours for them to listen to my chest and tell me that I was good to go! I got the "all-clear" with just precautions that I would need to take in order to not have any secondary infection or anything like that. I feel fantastic!! Ya on wednesday we were out working and visiting all we could. I`ve still had my "ward-mothers" and even investigators get on my case through the week telling me to take it easy and to go back and sleep but trust me I`m doing just fine!! A lot of that I owe to you all, I don`t know how to express gratitude for the prayers and well wishes... it`s hard to describe what it feels like to have that extra strength. I do know that I was VERY watched over and the Lord in His love helped me to get better really quick. I can`t say how badly I wanted to ya get out and work- it was a trial of patience for me but again thank you for your prayers! They helped me get back to doing this incredible work! What a week we had! :) I think in getting back to work I was ready to baptize all of Bosques and just have incredible results and everything like that. Didn`t happen. What was so great about this week was the opportunity to grow in faith and get a better perspective of what the Lord wants from missionary service. I do know that the Lord is at the head of this work and that for the work we do a way is prepared for us to be successful and do what the Lord wants. We saw that in little ways, things just worked out and we were able to get in to a house or we were able to get a little more work done in a day or that members were willing to work with us and even had people for us to teach. Those little miracles really set "the roots" deeper for us both!

We love our investigators!! We are looking to continue to receive more and the ones we`ve been working with are progressing greatly. First Monica. She blows our mind in the way that she has found out how to "live" with faith! She is still working to drop her smoking habit- es bravo but luckily she has been open to learning new things from the Lord in the process. She (along with 4 other investigators) was able to come to church this week! At the end of sacrament meeting she came up to me and asked, "Elder Jolley I have my tithing ready to go, where do I pay it?" haha. That was a happy moment! She is becoming a "dry-mormon" she needs the baptismal font!

Also we have Maria and Andrea. They are investigators that we took over from the other area. They are great! They`ve been kinda shy in our charlas- en el sentido que they listen and all that good stuff but participation has been limited. So this week we put the goal to help them be more active in the lessons so that they`d be more likely to follow through with their commitments. Well we had a great lesson with them on Friday. We had went by earlier in the week and taught a little about prophets and when Jesus Christ was on the earth. They stopped us mid-lesson when they heard us say, "we know that these things are true." It surprised them that being so young we could KNOW something. We took advantage of the situation and invited them to know for themselves. We invited them to read and pray about the things that we were sharing. Well coming back on Friday they hadn`t done it.. urg!! So we took the time to read with them from the Book of Mormon and had such a powerful experience where I know that the spirit testified to them that the book is true! We came to a point reading about when Christ appeared to the Nephites that there was such a peace and stillness in the room. We asked why they would be feeling how they are right now, Maria then was able to bear testimony that she had felt that before with the Elders who passed by before and knows that it is a feeling from God. She then got the courage to pray at the end of the cita! What a blessing!!! Only the spirit can do that guys.

I don`t know if you guys heard about the leadership meeting that the Quorem of the 12 had last night called, The Work of Salvation. It was a worldwide training for missionary work. It was fantastic! There is some amazing things happening and that will happen in the work of the Lord. This work really is hastening. Anyway they talked about working with Members of the church as missionaries- they gave great counsel and it makes sense! So that this work continues forward we must have the help of the members and it must be directed by them through the spirit otherwise we`re not being productive! Maybe you`ll be seeing it soon if you haven`t already.

Well family soak up the sun! When you are all burnt I`ll be here freezing! :) haha. I leave you with my testimony that Jesus Christ lives. His Atonement is real, I know that. I know that He loves us and has a great vision of who we can become if we just look to Him. He is the light that gets us through our toughest trials! The Book of Mormon fills us with His spirit and will testify to our hearts the simplicity of His Gospel. I know that this is the truth! Love you guys! Give my love to family and friends.

Elder Jolley

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