Monday, June 17, 2013

Buenos Dias,

Hey family! Pretty cool to have been able to talk with a few of you on the phone. I got kinda worried that that probably was a scary phone call... sorry for whatever worry que haya causado. I`m doing well!! I feel great and am very tempted to jump the gun and get back to work! We`ve gotten VERY far behind in our area and it needs some help so I am very anxious to get back to work, but know to take care of myself. Thank you for your prayers and support as always- very cool experience about the temple and how you felt to do that mom. It is always very humbling to know how much our Heavenly Father cares for us and is involved in our lives. I know that He is teaching me, I need the lessons, especially right now!

So most of the week has been spent in the Pensiòn or in the Hospital. Wednesday and Friday were both very long days waiting in lines and waiting for answers from the doctor. I had a series of x-rays and a couple doctors that were all very patient and very helpful in explaining everything that was going down. I`ll be heading back tomorrow for hopefully the last control that they want to have. With the medication that they put me on last I felt like it has helped me a ton! I love the inhaler! :)

My vaporizer!
(editor's note: couldn't get the picture to turn the correct way) 

I`ve had a lot of time to do things around the house... I adopted "a list" like mom used to have and have been keeping myself busy crossing things off the list. On Saturday I saw that my dirty clothes were piling up and decided to learn how wash some socks (start with the most simple..) and went in and stared at the soap and bucket and socks for like 10 minutes trying to figure out the order and how to go about doing it! Haha I`m happy to say that it isn`t as complicated as it originally seemed. I even rigged my own dryer in our room with a jump rope, some wire and our heater! I`m embarrassed to say how satisfied I was and thought myself the biggest Handy-Man in Argentina. I just think it`s a lot of time in a house without a lot to to! haha I also learned and did a bit of cooking with Elder Jimenez. We invented our our stews and they turned out incredible!! We`ve been very blessed by the members of the ward. They`ve called and brought lunches and have all been "mothers" for the week! I had a couple Hermanas find out that we went out one afternoon and I got an earful about how dumb that was... I`ve learned to stay inside and take care of myself!

A little fun while making dinner! 

My first experience washing my own clothes!

I`ve also had a lot of time to read the Book of Mormon! We`re trying to finish up Alma right now and I`ve loved the story of the Book of Mormon. I think sometimes we read it in parts and we get the great principles, but the story of this people is also such a blessing for us. I have felt the spirit of Christ as I`ve read its pages and know that it is a true Book. What I have also learned though is that all that the Lord teaches can all just be considered theory, it`s all a great idea if we don`t put things in practice! This message is only special in our lives when we act upon what is taught. As Christ taught the Gospel of Repentance it changed(es) people's lives because they had the faith to act and when we act we come to see change in our lives!

I hope that we can all continue to follow this special Gospel that we have in our lives and that we can change because of how we apply it! I hope to have a better, more event filled letter for you guys next week!

Have a great week and un besito por todos.
Elder Jolley

Elder Jimenez and I!

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