Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Final Thoughts...

After about 2 weeks home from my mission I've been more than grateful that my mission has stayed with me! Even though schedules and lifestyles have done a complete 180, what I was most hoping is that I'd be able to keep being the 'Brayden Jolley' that the Lord had refined me to be and it's still there! I feel the same spirit, tender and loving even to this day and know that to be a testimony of the faith that I was taught.

9 For do we not read that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in him there is no variableness neither shadow of changing?

I have been given so many lessons that I know will impact my life. I know that Faith, Hope and Charity are foundations for a constant and happy life. I know that when we seek to lift others and make their days a little better, we are blessed with the spirit. Before my mission I knew that prayer and scripture study helped us to come closer to Chris,t but now I can add my testimony of service! I miss the 100% dedication to the Lord, it's tough now having to juggle so many things, but I know that Jesus Christ's Plan for Perfection continues to work!! I am grateful that our Heavenly Father has patience and, lucky for us, He has given power to His Son to forgive our weaknesses and look past our shortcomings, allowing us a time to prepare ourselves to become Celestial sons and daughters, worthy to live in His presence! I think of every lesson that I was taught that had the biggest impact in my life. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a real power and a never ending fuel source for us! We are very imperfect and will always be, but the Grace of the Son of God is an available gift to those who are willing to stay in the game as long and as hard as it may be! I know this is the Lord's work, He is the one that directs and carries out all progress that this Church experiences. In these couple of weeks I have made contact with people who I taught, who I did not have the privilege to see enter into the waters of baptism, and they have been able to experience that change of heart and are now baptized!! What amazing miracles the Lord can do in our lives! I know that ALL blessings promised to us will be fulfilled! It has been interesting... I miss the mission, but I do not mourn the fact that I've taken off my tags! I am different than I was before leaving on my mission. I have "woken up", if you will, and realize who I am and how I can be and I pray that forever people will see that those tags still show!

I know this church is true and testify will all my heart of the reality of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God! He is risen again and helps us everyday if we just look for Him!

Elder Brayden Douglas Jolley

Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome Home

We welcomed Elder Brayden Jolley home on Tuesday, October 8th from the Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission. We are so grateful to have him home, but especially grateful for the opportunity that he had to serve and be amongst the Argentine people and to share the joyous message of our Savior Jesus Christ.