Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello familia!

Well, so weird that school is done for you guys!! Let summa' begin I guess. I had a cool moment the other day, we had gotten in from working and just getting ready for bed and all that and had one of those "Wo I`m in Argentina" moments. In the beginning of my mission those were super weird, but I was happy to feel like everything was normal this time. Knowing that this is where ya belong and that you`ve gotten used to the culture and the living-style is such a blessing! This week to was a big week for Argentina. El 25 de Mayo es el dia de La Patria here!! Argentina has 2 independence days so the other day we were able to celebrate the first and in July will be the other. They have awesome traditions here. We saw a lot of Gauchos and traditional Argentine style you could say. They spend the days in family normally eating a bunch of food. Here when there is a holiday or something big like that they usually get together for an Asado or a huge BBQ, comen Empanadas and this year was my first time trying a traditional dish called Locro. Locro is a super heavy food... don`t eat lots! Fa learned that the hard way. It`s like a huge stew with everything that you could imagine inside. Meat, vegetables and fat! :) haha and above it all you put a spicy sauce that they make up! Good stuff. This last week was a.. set back for me and Elder Prestwich as far as our "physic" goes. We had the brilliant idea in order to get a couple other lessons in and to schedule good with some investigators that we have we decided on Wednesday that we would have 2 lunches! Dumb. The first hermana served us un montòn de pasta and the other hermana served us some Raviolli. When holiday comes around Argentina it`s bad!

Well this week we had a huge blessing: Monica came to church!! We stopped by Saturday night and had una charla franca and basically told her that she had to come. Si o Si she had to get there and it would bless her. She said that she had great time and she felt a little "new" to everything, but other than that all good! We were able to help bring a few less active families too- it was the most people that I`ve seen in Bosques for the time that I`ve been here.

Well we got a big birthday coming up! A shout out to Sky-man! Happy Birthday buddy! :) Hope that you have a good day! On Wednesday we have to cool opportunity to go to a fireside with Elder Cook so I`ll make sure to let you guys know what he says and how that goes next week!

I wanted to share a scripture that I found that meant a lot to me this week!

12 For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.

Our week went completely opposite of what it was last week. That was rough. We did everything as we should have, but recognized as we look back that our hearts were maybe not as in play as they could have been. I learned a great lesson on the passion that we need to have for the things that we each do. It is good to go through the motions, but wouldn`t it be better to do it with a strong motivation. We learned that sometimes things won`t turn out how we want, but if our hearts and minds are involved the Lord will fill in the rest. It will all work out. This week I hope that we can all DO what we should, but that we do it with all that we have- make the most out of everything.

Gotta get going, have a great week! Take care

Love ya
Elder Jolley

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