Monday, May 20, 2013

Buenos Dìas!

Este año, estoy màs celoso del clima que ustedes estàn recibiendo y el clima que you estoy entrando. No me gustaba, estoy recordandome de eso. Ha. La semana hacìa mucho frio. Nosotros tenìamos un problema con nuestra ropa y no hemos tenido ropa limpia por una semana y media. Por suerte, y por la primera vez saque mis termicos! Bendiciòn de los cielos! El Señor siempre da en momentos de necesidad. :)

We`ve had an a amazing week! Incredible. Elder Prestwich and I have noticed great improvements in our work which has opened great doors and has helped us see great blessings in the work. Things that we`ve been taught ALL our mission we`ve been able to put into effective practice and, well we`re a little bummed that it took a year and a half to do so, but are still content! How much we should value experience! Though we still have a long way to go to be the missionaries that the Lord needs us to be, we have the surety that we`ll learn some precious lessons with every step of the way. We worked especially on our planning this week. We have to been the dueños of our time! We added a little "math" (eh eh) into the mixture to help us get an idea of our potential. Ha I was glad to know that that learning served a purpose after I graduated! :) Anyway, with all that and living and working with a little more faith we were able to have an incredible week- reach our potential and exceed what we had placed for goals! Elder Prestwich, looking back on the week realized how much our Heavenly Father's hand had influenced our lives, it was as if we didn`t work at all sin embargo we had the best week of the transfer! It was a special lesson on faith for the two of us. When we put in our part and know what we need to do then act in all diligence the Lord works miracles and makes our live's burdens light!

We had a whole bunch of new experiences and new investigators. We found a few families and continued working with a couple of the families that we`ve found in the previous weeks. To start out I just want to tell a funny story about a sweet hermana in our ward. We were at a family home evening and she told us that she had the impression to make a lunch for the other missionaries in our ward- when they didn`t show up she was a little bit sad. She then proceeded to reach in her purse and pull out two pieces of fried-chicken! YUM! :) She told us as she ripped the chicken in pieces that her hands were clean and would offer instead the chicken to me and my companion! Haha. It was delicious! I`ve never had better purse chicken in my life and I was pleased with that spiritual impression! Haha. Okay that was my funny for the week! We had a really great experience Thursday I believe. We were at the end of the night having had a couple of our citas not be home. We had a couple more things to do to reach our goals and as we were walking, this kid walked out and gave us the nicest saludo that I`ve had from a stranger. His name is Maxi. He had heard that there were a couple "Americans" walking around in Bosques and to have met us he was thrilled and wanted to know exactly what we were doing. We talked with him and his family for a minute and when we asked if we could share something with them they let us in and we had a great lesson with them!! Norma (the mom) and Maxi are catholic, but don`t really know a whole lot about religion- they love to listen and are very open to listening to us. We actually had 2 appointments with them this week and when we came back the second time Norma commented to us that, "I NEVER let people into my house, ever! But there is something different about you guys and something tells me that what you do is good and will be positive in my life!" We were very grateful and even more excited for the opportunity that Heavenly Father had given us to meet them. We had really been placed in the right place at the right time!

Fernando y Diana- I think I told you guys about them?.. Anyway we had a lesson this week with them to talk about the plan of Salvation. We were planning to wait to invite them to be married for another cita this coming week, but as we talked about getting to the celestial kingdom and be with our families, it was something that they wanted!! We explained that they could as they got baptized and such like that- it was kinda just a "robot" response kinda thing, but the spirit was SO strong in the lesson and told us that we needed to invite them to be married, to begin taking those steps to be a family eternal! It was awesome. A very powerful lesson and tonight we go back with them and hope to be able to get a date for them to get married this week! We`ll see how it goes! :)

Well time is short, I wish I could tell you guys everything that goes on but I can`t right now even scratch the surface! Maybe I`ll get the recorder again and send a little bit more details next week! I hope you guys have a great week! :)

All my love,
Elder Jolley

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