Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola!! YES!! it worked. The whole week I was worried that the recording wasn`t gonna work. Glad you guys liked it. I felt super dumb doing it but that`s alright. Afterwards we listened to a recording that Elder Prestwich's family had sent him and it was kinda cool that whole system of writing. Well we`ll be able to up it a step next week with skypers! Alright here`s the deal, we tried calling the guy today about the whole schedule and we couldn`t get a hold of him soo.. we`ll bank on faith that we can head over there. I`d say at like 2 o`clock my time would be better cause by the time we get done with church stuff and get over to his house we`ll be looking at around that time! 2 o`clock be there or be square right? haha. I`m super excited to be able to talk with you guys and hope that all works out well this time!

This week we`ve been super blessed to be able to get work and plans done and were able to have a productive week. We`re a little flacito in the progressing investigators and investigators with a baptismal date right now.. everyone that we are finding is having to go through different marriage or divorce issues! What a pain that is and how much it cripples missionary work! We are working with 2 great families. One of the families I`ll tell ya about is Gaston y Yesica (Shesica) and their 3 kids. We have just began working with them. They were a contact that we did a couple weeks ago who have turned out being super open to listening to us. We`ve been helping them to read the Book of Mormon and to say family prayers. They are really poor and have hit some family troubles so our goal is to help them be able to recognize the Gospel Spirit in their lives. We went by on Saturday and they told us that they had been praying as a family for new job opportunities earlier in the week- well Gaston was fired from his job... oops! Well, they found out that God hears them but they were a little confused on His answers. I think it is that initial trust that we all need to form as we come closer to Christ that they are developing. Every time we go over there and are able to pray with them there is a very special spirit that we feel. Ha we love Gastons "aaah" after saying amen as if a huge burden has been lifted from his back. We have an appointment tonight where we should be meeting with a few of his buddies that want to hear about the Gospel.

Monica is a capa! We are still trying to help her get to that baptism date. She isn`t coming to church.. urg! But we think we have perfect thing to help her this week so that she can`t resist! Ha. Well she`s still been progressing a ton this week. She took it up a notch and accepted to live the word of wisdom. She is a pretty narly smoker! She has always been and after several attempts to stop smoking she kinda gave up. We brought this hermana with us, Hermana Rojas, who is like 45 years old but she acts like she`s 17! haha She talks like all the pibes on the streets! We get such a kick out of being with her. Anyway, she came with us because she also was a smoker. She expressed such a sincere desire to help Monica out and got a little emotional when she heard that Monica was willing to give it a try. It was special for me to be there and to see that our Father in Heaven has provided a greater help for this daughter of his. She has tried tons of things without a lot of luck and what a blessing to have been about to give her a greater reason to hope for change!

Alright I`m short on time! NO! but I want to share a really cool experience that we had last night. We went to a less- active members house and got talking to him. It has been awhile since he`s been to church and we were imagining whatever reason but as he began to share with us about his family and the things that they had passed through to the point that going even into the chapel broke the guys heart... wow, my mind changed completely! It was obvious that the guy had been through so much pain y la verdad es que nosotros tambièn felt his pain. We asked him a few questions and tried to figure out what role God still played in his life. Last night was just a good testimony builder of the Atonement for me! First I know that my heart was changed and the love that I could feel for the hermano wasn`t my own and what he was able to share with us, that God had been with him every step of the way, sustaining him and eventually taking the pain away over time was impresionante! He is very willing and open to making his way back to church now and wants us to talk to his family now! I think this week I`ve seen just the great miracles that God has sent us in preparing the way!
...he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.

I wanted to share with you guys this scripture. It is one of the most simple, but most powerful ways to describe the role of our Savior. I too know that He took upon Himself our pains and difficulties, He bled from every pore to know us and gain compassion for us. I know that He knows how to comfort us!

I`m excited to talk this Sunday! I hope you have a great day and I`ll be seein' ya soon!

Mucho amor y un abrazo fuerte.

Elder Jolley

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