Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey guys, Happy Monday! I like these days! Well from "the Forest" we´re doing great, had a crazy great week and are loving the work and seeing the Lord bless us in every aspect of the work. It´s hard to believe a week has already gone by, but I feel really good about it, we made good use of our days and came out with one of the best weeks that I´ve had here in Bosques :). Thanks for your emails- You guys are always in my prayers and I appreciate the constant support. Please send my love to the family!

Elder López and I are doing great, true buddies! He right now is working with another Elder who will be leaving at the same time. We have only a week left of the transfer and Elder Lopez and I are gonna work super hard before he goes home! I will now have 6 of my companions out of the mission field and en casa. Kinda weird loosing all my buddies, but I am glad that we´ve all been able to leave good friends. I don´t know if I´ve told you guys thi,s but Elder Lopez is like the Latin version of Elder Nielson so that makes things super funny and a nice little reminder of good bros! We found 9 new
investigators this week- haven´t been able to work really well with all of them yet, but all left a great impression on us and a lot of hope to help them progress. We went out this week with the goal to complete our goals. We planned well and then we saw the Lord do His own work with our plans. Many times we were in situations where we tested to see if we would take advantage of what he had given us. On Wednesday we went to a members house and gave a blessing to La Hna. Zarza, we didn´t have a lot of time cause it was already late, but right as we left her daughter's boyfriend came in, we said hi and then left. When we were like a block from our house I had the worst feeling like we had just lost a great opportunity, we were bummed, but we thought with the time that it would be better for us to just get home. With another step I had the strong impression that we had to turn back and tell that guy who we were and what we do. His name is Sebastian and he was kinda surprised that we had came back just to introduce ourselves. As we talked just a little he opened up and said that he would be interested in talking more with us. We haven´t been able to find him again, but that was a great lesson for me and I am sure it left a seed there for a little later. By learning from that experience the Lord had prepared other things in the week that allowed us to have more success- new people found or lessons taught- everything really simple, but "by small and simple things" right?

Monica is doing great!! She has only had time for us to pass by once this week, but when we were there we got to know her kids too, Mauro y Myra! We had left the Book of Mormon and a little place for her to read and when we went on Thursday she was a little confused about "the need of another bible." The spirit was strong as we were able to testify and teach about the Restoration of the Gospel. She accepted RE bien the Book of Mormon after that lesson as was DETERMINED to ask God in order to have an answer for herself. Along with the great questions that Monica has, she is also super funny! She´s super easy going in the moment and then when it´s time to listen she´ll be like "bueno chicos, what do we have to talk about today?" Haha. We also were able to invite her to be baptized on May 18 and she said that she would prepare herself and work towards that day so we´re happy to have some progressing investigators.

Book of Mormon reading has been super good. I try and read 6-7 pages a day and I´m learning a ton! On Saturday Elder Lopez had to go to the mission home to take his English test (we´ve been practicing English together... sometimes he does better than me!) so I had a good chance to get caught up on some reading and also had a good conversation with the Hna. Stapley about Book of Mormon. I was the only one in the house so I got some quality time spent with the President and his wife! They're incredible! I´m sad that they´re heading home so quick, but we´re doing a lot to get things ready for Pres. Thurgood and his wife!

Alright family I gotta get going! I love you guys, I know that this work is the work of God. I know that the Lord has fulfilled His promises in restoring His gospel again to the earth! Without a doubt I am sure that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and will guide and direct us in our lives. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. It is the power that He was given to free us from our sins and to give to all of us Salvation. We can be saved through His precious Atonement!

With love
Elder Jolley

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