Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey hey!!

What a week! thanks for your updates and for sharing a little bit of what you guys are going through!

Well, I`ve got me a YOUNG companion! Ha. I`m so excited, I`ll be able to say goodbye  to a companion when the time comes! That made me super happy! His name is Elder Bryce Prestwich from Riverton Utah! He`s got about the same time as I do (but less.. remember that!) He`s a ball of animo! I`m super grateful to be able to have him as a companion and for the work that we`re gonna pick up in the next transfer! We had an interesting week this week, with Elder Lopez getting ready to go home we were taking care of final preparations- it`s strange to see them go home but it was a good opportunity for us to grow closer as a companionship and see what the Lord had been teaching us in our time together. Today in transfer meeting there was a really special spirit as many good friends went home. The missionary spirit has a great power to touch the hearts of those that hear their messages and great influence to change us from boys to disciples! Elder Lopez was a huge help for me!

Our progress with Monica has been slow and steady. For this coming week we were able to get her to commit to having more that one lesson! Ha. When we talked with her she was frustrated because she hadn`t received an answer. She is determined to know if this church is true and if this is what she needs in her life. She explains to us that she has been not only on her knees praying, but she feels "sprawled out" before our Heavenly Father. Her praying habits have changed a ton! Before it was every now and then and now she has learned to pray all the time because she loves the relief that she gives. For us it`s easy to see that the Lord is greatly showing her that these things are correct!! But for her we have seen it a great blessing as she learns to surround herself with the fullness of the Gospel and the special tools that we`ve been given to feels the Savior's influence in our lives! She hasn`t been reading the Book of mormon very much- it makes us happy and hopeful for what she`ll be able to experience as she starts to apply that in her life. Ha, we thought of that part of Ratatouille where el chefsito takes a bite of the one thing and it`s good, and then the other and that`s good too but to add them together! mm that`s an explosion of truth!

I love you guys tons, sorry not too much time today! I love this gospel and love my Father in Heaven. I know that when we are honest before Him and seek His divine help- truly humble then without reservation or hesitation we are helped and comforted in our lives! I pray that He will continue to bless my family! Hasta luego!

Elder Jolley

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