Monday, February 27, 2012

¿Que tal familia?

Ahh!! where in the world has the week gone.. No clue! I know that I only have 4 little months in the mission but I was in church the other day and I was blown away at where I was and how fast time has gone. As I thought about how fast this will go and the thought of not being in Argentina I made some lagrimas in my eyes... This time to be a missionary is just to amazing and I don´t even want to think about the time when I won´t be here.

This week I really realized how important it is to take advantage of every experience that we are given and how important every experience is to learn from, if we aren´t careful time with catch up to us and we will miss a growing opportunity with the Lord. I read the talk fromElder D. Todd Christofferson on the gift of Repentance and was just blown away at how incredible and how important it is to change.. more importantly to use the Lord to help us change. He mentions how sacred is the person that instead of just saying sorry, ASKS for time and opportunity to perform at the level that the Lord knows that we can!

This week I really tried to incorporate that into my prayers, to ASK not only for forgiveness but for opportunities to learn how the Lord wants me to. This transfer I have noticed a lot of change in ME personally.. A lot of need to sanctify myself and learn to put off theNatural man that I have. It has been a journey of patience, trial and error and worn out knees. BUT I know that the Lord does give us time and opportunity as we have the sincere desire to persevere until we learn. What a life this is!

This week was a great week! We worked hard and learned a lot of ways that we can apply to be more effective with our time and with ourInvestigators. A highlight of the week was the baptism of Soledad Acosta and her two twins, a boy named Enzo and a little nena named Pricila! I learned how much of a blessing this baptism was. At the beginning of the week she was still having troubles smoking and wasn´t really at the point where we thought she needed to be as far as understanding of the lessons but she had the strongest desire to be baptized. She always told us that she was sick of the "soledad thatshe was" and wanted to change and be new and better so that her kids would look to her as an example... Sounded pretty good to me, really what more can you ask for! As Elder Merritt and I prayed and prayed for her we were down to the wire with her. She had a couple things to get past, but after her interview she was ready to go and she was baptized! It was a great baptism and the spirit was very strong! Unfortunately she got water in her ear, a lot of it, and wasn´t able to show up for her confirmation.... Hmm. So we´ll be waiting on that special step to be taken.. Only a little bit important from what I´ve heard? Haha.

Sorry today we are pressed on time! I want you all to know how much I love you and how much I know that change is possible. Change is looked at or measured in leaps and bounds, but the Lord measures us and exalts us by simple means changes. One less doubtful thought, one more smile in the day, even one more thought of Him and we are promised La vidaeterna. How incredible is the rate of change that we can make within ourselves with our Savior at our side. He supports us in a way that is so tender as to eliminate all discouragement and fear. I love Him and this work. I know we are more than capable through our Advocate.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! This week is Zone Conferences so I´ll have a lot more next week! Perdón.

Elder Jolley

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