Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Family!

Lots about St. George this week! Hope that it was a great time to relax after all the comotion for you all! I love to know before hand the things that you guys are doing and now to hear from your experiences I can picture how it all played out! Thanks so much for always keeping me up to date and in the loop!

Well four months has come and gone.. Huh!? No clue where time is going but it definitely gets tricky on me. I feel like I have come a long way but look forward to the remaining time that I am given to be the servant that I am capable of being. This week we worked real hard, walked an awful lot and tired our little legs out! Right now I feel like I´m getting the hang of Fiorito. I wouldn´t say that it is necessarily harder than Longchamps was just, that the work is different. We are "re-building" this area so there is a lot to do and Elder Merritt and I are trying to understand how this area needs to grow. This week we found a monton! 27 new investigators here! :) — the field is white and ready to harvest. We´re working with the investigators still to SHOW UP for the harvest... sometimes we can´t find them en casa. I still feel a little upside down when trying to figure out what to do, but I am learning and the Lord has given me a LOT of opportunities to learn, put in practice, and teach the little bit that I know. I feel very grateful for responsibility that I am given. I have had a rough time this week trying to maintain that responsibility. Sometimes we all want to have someone else take the first step, put that responsibility off on someone else. Instead of trusting what we know maybe we don´t press forward with faith but I´m coming to realize that that first step has been taken by our Savior, our way is marked and secure and it really is our faith in Him that allows us the courage to seguir adelante.

To answer some of your questions, our area is really different than Longchamps. To me Longchamps was more campo whereas Fiorito is more a lot of houses, buildings packed in together; more crowded if you will. It is closer to the city and has a lot of factories near it so it gives it a more smoggy feeling. I miss Longchamps for the fact that there isn´t as many "pretty views". Longchamps was filled with them! Our apartment is near the center of Fiorito. It makes it convenient if we need to run to the chino (supermarket) or whatever else. Here we have a lot more shops with cool little "do-dads" so I mean.. one never can be upset with "do-dads." :) This pinch only has very small windows so it´s an oven.. Ha interesting story. So the other night our ventilator was acting up and would turn on and off.. kinda strange but it was working fine as we went to bed so I didn´t think much about it. But I woke up at around 2 a.m. because I was supa sweaty....Ew. I look over at the fan and it´s going nuts! Then in that moment a little fire ball puffed out the back of it. No more fan. BUT thanks to some redneck wiring work we got some scotch tape and fixed er up! Elder Merritt is a great electricianist I found out!

Argentine eating is not the same, it´s strange. As missionaries we have 2 hours for a lunch and that´s it. We don´t have a time to take off for dinner. So we POUND during lunch and finish the day off with bread and water or juice and little cookies. A great start to your balanced diet :) haha. I´m doing fine though mama! Usually for lunches we llevar una bianda (a sack lunch) from the members. Usually it´s anything from melonesa, pollo, arroz, aveces papas o algo asi. It´s DELISH! I love Argentine food, don´t really have a preference.. I just like to eat!

One of the coolest things this week happened yesterday. We met a couple walking through the villa and started talking with them. All was good and we set a return cita for yesterday. As we were teaching them yesterday, I felt that things were just alright. The Tele was on and we were just wondering if the message was reaching them. This guy is an Argentine Polynesian! He is probably is 350+ pounds and has the COOLEST hair that I´ve seen! Ha! He is a super friendly guy with a sailor's mouth, but super great. As we gave them a Book of Mormon, we shared our testimony of the importance that this book has in our lives. We expressed our love for them and our desire to give them this book that had brought such a change in our lives. As I finished talking I looked over at Javier and he was crying!! It was a strange moment and I didn´t know what happened. He thankfully took the Book of Mormon then explained how many other religious missionaries have passed by in the past but he has never allowed them to come in. He doesn´t know why he let us in but I can only imagine the work that the spirit did in this family.
I´m so excited to get to talk with them again. I learned something very important, we aren´t perfect teachers as 19 year olds, but we have a perfect message with a perfect Savior to touch the lives of these people. I see my weaknesses magnified as we worked to just bring the spirit into the lesson. It went so different. But I was touched by what it taught ME!

I know how much I am imperfect, but I know how much better my Savior is making me experience by experience. I am humbled by the opportunity to be a missionary, it is teaching me to be a man of Christ, not of the world. I know He has an affect in our lives, we MUST look for Him and seek Him diligently. I know He is real.

Love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Jolley Jr

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