Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Familia! Happy Valentines day.. Can´t believe we´ve arrived here already!

Glad to hear about your week and to be able to share in your experiences too!

Fiorito is continuing to progress as we are diligent in our work. We came out with about 13 more investigators this week! Which is a testimony to me of how much the Lord has prepared this part of His vineyard. The hardest part right now is getting the people to keep to their citas! In order for us to complete our purpose we can´t just find then baptize.. Ojala que, but we have to be able to teach them.. that is the struggle though! I would love to share some teaching experiences with you all but... I´m still waiting for them too :) How amazing of a test though, "after the trial of our faith" and diligence in not giving up or turning in early each day we are going to see miracles. It is hard sometimes to just walk place to place and not have anyone let us in, but I know without a doubt that we are trying and I know that the Lord is doing something with this time that we are given.

We did have a couple experiences that I´d love to share that have really strengthened my testimony. The first was when we were meeting with a family for the first time. They are give Evangelicas and so they know just about everything about the bible.. Intimidating- but not impossible! We were teaching the mom and the dad and as we covered the Restoration we were talking about how the church fell and how things weren´t being led by priesthood authority. Well, things just weren´t making a whole lot of sense to them. One of my goals this week has been to listen very close to the spirit. In this situation I was listening as hard as I could for something that would make sense to him. As we talking I realized that something that we explained could be explained in another way.. I thought I´d try it! As we talked things started to click for this man and the lesson was able to make more sense to him! WOW! I know in that situation that had we not listened things wouldn´t have gone anywhere, even though we could have said many things.. nothing would have had any relevance!

The second was just a personal blessing for me. Because we meet with a lot of people that are really aware of the bible, we are torn down a little bit for our church, yesterday we were told how our minds have been corrupted and the "blessed" is that our minds would be clear to not follow this church that we are in.. That was a mean thing to say i´ll add. But as I reflected on that I was put into thinking about what I know of this church and if I knew it was the truth. The introduction of the Book of Mormon came to mind, the last two paragraphs. (I invite you all to read it together) It talks about 4 promises that we obtain just from knowing that the Book is from our Heavenly Father. As I thought about the truthfulness of the church, and I will admit that my testimony was questioned, but I could not deny the divinity of the Book of Mormon. Even if this church isn´t true (but it is) I could not go without this book!! It was a special experience that testified of the promise given in the introduction.

I love this work and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I KNOW the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and because of that I know that this is His church, preparing His children for the return of His Son. I am blessed beyond belief with the opportunity to exclaim to the world that there is Another Testament of Jesus Christ available to us! I hope that you all have a great week and that you will read with all diligence from this evidence that we have!

Elder Jolley

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