Monday, August 5, 2013

Buenas! Como están todos?

Un hermoso día en Buenos Aires, fa que lindo el día che! We´ve been outside taking advantage of the "spring-like" weather. (knocking hard on wood that it doesn`t take a sudden turn for the worse.) From what we`ve heard though and from last year, August starts to warm up and in about a week or so ya pasa el invierno aquí. Not much to complain about- beautiful work, beautiful place.

We`ve had great blessings this last week. Heavenly Father works along side us and keeps us happy we`ll say! We`ve had kinda a meeting filled week and a trip up to the Capital to the area offices, but aun así we were able to help people come unto Jesus Christ in ways that we didn`t expect. I was talking this week to a.. mayor couple (?) that are missionaries here and they helped me to realize that most of missionary work depends on us setting our goals and doing all possible to reach them- I`m a little slow for things to make sense- but as we went about the rest of our week we saw our appointments more as goals and put a lot more faith that as we did our part Heavenly Father would place us where He most needed. We soon came to see that really anything we wanted to happen in the area had nothing to do with us! On Friday, as we were heading to capital, we saw an hermana de la iglesia who we thought about going to throughout the week. She told us that she would be there and her and the family would be waiting. When things kinda fell apart with other citas we had and so we decided to head over there. As we sat down Fernando, a friend of theirs walked in and started to talk with us. Turns out he has always had lots of questions about God and religion and we had a very spiritual lesson with him and the family. Elder Anaya and I, as we left, understood a little better how everything from the morning to the night just fell into place and we really felt that that lesson had to be taught! The whole week was filled with sweet experiences like that one that were sweet and full of service to those who really needed it. I have tuned in the ear a little better this week because I`ve felt like, shoot! I`m praying and all but things are sure silent or at least He must want to see what I`ve got. So I`ve been trying to pay attention to all the situations that we have in a day and always say a little prayer when things get "sticky" to be able to see the spirit's guidance more as I go- It works! Give a little space for the spirit to direct us and it`ll open up pathways that really show us how much our Father in Heaven loves all of us and really what He`d like to do with us. Also yesterday, well we didn`t have a very good day in church- there were like less than 20 of us and things got really complicated with all the plans we had made for members to look for our investigators- un lío total! Anyways, we had planned to get a lady named Romina and head to church on the bus with her. We got out a little bit late and had to walk, get her and make the bus which would come in like 10 minutes- impossible! I was thinking to just call her or make better plans for the following week- not a good attitude. I said a quick little prayer and followed Elder Anaya`s good example to go igual to look for her. My attitude changed in the way and felt our Father's love for His children and desire for them to be able to choose to accept this Gospel. She didn`t end up going, but as we headed to the bus stop thinking we would have to wait, the bus came around the corner and the rest of the morning went smoothly! Take about your tender mercy!

So the week has been full of good moments to serve and help others to get a little stronger. It`s sad when you go and have an amazing experience with someone and see that the spirit itself strengthens them and then nothing happens- really the saddest feeling but good to know that everyone is at different points in this path- hay que seguir amando!

Comparto una escritura que nuestro maestro de la escuela dominical compartió el domingo: DyC 101 

39 When men are called unto mine everlasting gospel, and covenant with an everlasting covenant, they are accounted as the  salt of the earth and the savor of men;

40 They are called to be the savor of men; therefore, if that salt of the earth lose its savor, behold, it is
thenceforth good for nothing only to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men.

41 Behold, here is wisdom concerning the children of Zion, even many, but not all; they were found transgressors, therefore they must needs be chastened
42 He that exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that abaseth himself shall be exalted.

In sacrament meeting there were a lot of testimonies born about trials that were being faced and that ended up being the whole theme in the following meetings. We talked about the purposes of trials and really what we`re supposed to do in them to avoid hitting our heads against that brick wall! The Lord promises that after trial comes His blessings, so if we stay faithful, obedient and humble even in the midst of our trials I believe that we come out feeling refreshed and more capable to continue in the pathway of discipleship instead of leaving warn out both spirit and body. It`s my idea that the Lord doesn`t intend for us to bring upon ourselves more trial than He has in store! I am grateful for and testify of the great plan of happiness that we have! It is our way for protection. I know with surity that Heavenly Father is the true author of this plan and eternal peace is found only by following in His way! I hope we can all find ourselves following God's plan and not something imitated by the devil!

I love ya`ll and hope you have a good week!
Thanks for the emails
Elder Jolley

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