Monday, August 19, 2013

Hola familia!

Voló la semana. Absolutamente voló. Estamos pero re cansados, sintió re re bien trabajar arduamente y en el fin siempre nosotros salimos mejor. Por lo mas que nosotros hacemos buenas cosas por Dios y por los demás, siempre nosotros recibimos la mejor parte! Igual no quita el sueño.. Ha. Estoy agradecido por mi misión, por esta experiencia! Ha sido el mejor oportunidad evaluarme y empezar a poner mis asuntos en armonía con mi Padre Celestial.

Elder Anaya and I have learned/are learning a lot about teamwork. We have a ton of investigators right now and continually are being led to find new ones. It`s tough!! Each one we get the impression that they are gonna be the next leader here in Argentina.. as the investigators keep coming though it leaves the agenda really limited. So we`ve had to become creative and really work together to figure how we`re gonna do this work here. I think we`re managing pretty good! We`ve got one week before transfers end and then we`ll see what happens. We would love to stay together and we would continue to do a ton here- but we`ll see what happens. It`ll be interesting to see how everything turns out for this next transfer. The great thing this last transfer has been the way we`ve been able to work together. Elder Anaya and I have become really good buddies and we`ve worked really hard!! That`s been the greatest, he`s always pushing me to be better and it becomes a cooperative work! I read at the beginning of the transfer a talk that a member had given me by President Hinckley that talked about companions. He talked about one of his and how special that time was. When we are around good people, it is almost a commandment that we learn from them! They have virtues that we need and so we should be striving to become like them. That has been something that I`ve had with all my comps, but especially with Elder Anaya- he`s a great people person and always looks to make others feel better about themselves and feel included. He`s set a good bar for me to reach this last transfer.

Anyway about the work! We had a huge week with a couple investigators! I hope you guys remember Teresita, I think I`ve told you about her! Well we ended up having a miracle lesson with her in the house of a member on Tuesday! We hadn`t talked to her in a while and we went with the intention to teach her about the Book of Mormon, but as we got talking to her the spirit helped us realize that that was NOT what we needed to talk to her about- this week that has been a reoccuring blessing for us- as we followed the spirit we ended up having a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and bueno the spirit was there really strong and we ended up committing her to an early baptism! She gladly accepted and she loved the spirit! We went again in the week and were gonna continue with that subject but quickly the spirit stopped us and helped us see a greater interest of hers! I loved the blessing that our Heavenly Father gave to us as we strived to help His children. It was all so easy as we payed attention to those impressions we had. We also have been working with a part member family that has a little girl named Sasha. She has been begging to get baptized and so when we found them we quickly made arrangements for her to get baptized. During the week we passed by quite a few times to visit with Sasha's family. They have a... great?.. talent of talking and they can do it really fast and for a long time. A couple nights we got back to the apartment kinda late. So about Thursday we were a little irritated with how things were going. Elder Anaya gave the suggestion that we do a service for them so that we could go back to feeling love for this family! We showed up in the morning ready to serve- the hermana had a rat problem in her Kitchen so we got there and immediately volunteered to look for the rat! We finally decided that it got trapped in the oven, so we took it outside (slowly and after jumping up on the chairs because we thought it was gonna come out!) and started banging it with a stick. The hermana was especially jumpy and I regret having done so, but after she hit the oven one time I screamed rat and she about passed out! Ha She was laughing though, but I think it scared her bad though cause she ran off saying, "I peed, I peed!" haha We started to serve extra hard after that! I admit it was immature! For these 2 investigators they HAD to go to church in order to get baptized and it was the perfect miracle so that we would reach our goal of the month. So Elder Anaya and I started a fast on Saturday that nothing would get in their way and so they would be able to make it to their baptism. Well.. sometimes prayers are answered with a no. We planned and organized everything, went to look for them and neither went to church so we`re placed in a good situation- we have the Lord to look to and a lot of work ahead in order to meet our goals! We aren`t sure how right now but that`s the great thing! The Lord never asked us to know how only to "look unto (Him) in every thought; doubt not, fear not!" We`ll hope to tell you guys of a miracle next week! :)

So I`ll share with you guys a cool experience I had this morning. Elder Anaya was writing some college essays so I decided to study a little bit about faith- how we can increase it! I ended up reading like the whole book of 1 Nephi! He is amazing! I learned about how he searched for knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and as soon as he obtained it, he never turned back on that knowledge! Line upon line until he came to a perfect knowledge! Much of what we desire to have is based upon our willingness to search and ask of the Lord- the more we learn the more capable our faith!

16 Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.

Like Nephi hopefully we can obtain the sure hope or the Lord's promises and be true to what we`ve been given! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know that by reading it we can feel strongly the influence of Jesus Christ!

I hope you guys have a great week! Good luck with school kids!

Con amor,
Elder Jolley

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