Monday, July 15, 2013

New Area

Saludos from Avellaneda, Buenos Aires!

I`m in a new mission!! Ha sometimes it feels like that when I get transferred. Our mission is so diverse, you have really rural areas, suburbs, and total city! I am in the closest city to the Nation's Capital here in Avellaneda. It is very different from Bosques. My favorite part is that we live in a skyscraper on the 16th floor overlooking all of the Capital! We have view to a couple soccer stadiums and at a distance the docks to all the boats coming in from the ocean! La Boca se dicen! I love it! My new companion is Elder Christopher Anaya from Texas! About 2 transfers ago I was his zone leader in Bosques and now we`re companions, I`m way excited to be working with him! He has a great enthusiasm for the work and is a great missionary! I was surprised and in the end sad to leave Bosques! We`ve had 2 incredible weeks that have changed the area completely and had a lot ahead of us! Saturday night was hard- I felt like I hadn`t done everything I could because of the results that I never saw! I was afraid that I hadn`t reached my potential so while starting to back I was praying a lot that I would be able to understand why the Lord wanted this change NOW!? What an amazing Sunday we had!! We got to church and saw our amazing members and as we said our goodbyes and everything I was overwhelmed with kind comments or warm wishes- things that just made me overflow with gratitude for having gotten to know these people. Like the Sons of Mosiah, we had entered their houses and taught them, served them and cared for their needs and the Lord is capable of making a much greater impact with such small actions! Anyways after taking the sacrament (Elder Jimenez had just given a great lesson about it the class before so we were all in the right attitude) it was a miracle blessing to feel the peace of the Savior- knowing that HE alone makes all things right and fair and that His grace is sufficient for us! How great that He only asks that we give all we can and He`ll make everything fall into place! Well I know that each effort we put in will someday have its fruit!

This week we were able to find a few more investigators and continue to help a few more on their way! We left Monica and her kids in good hands and hope to hear from them as they continue to progress. The great thing about that family is that they understand what this gospel is. I talked to them about the temple and how that needs to be their goal- they promised to keep going and to have that dedication to continue on in the work!

A fun event from the week was the wards first Elder Quorem Activity- the first one done in a long time at least! We cooked hamburgers and played some futbol with the jovenes and some of the mayores! Elder Jimenez and I ended up destroyed from the futbol game... since I got sick I have completely dropped exercises! Oops. But there was a great turn-out. That was done on Saturday and we had a couple members come back to the church for the first time in a while the day after! The ward has seen a complete change! They are awesome and they have done so much!

Well no me queda mas tiempo! Sorry this one was kinda short, but want you guys to know that I`m good, I`m happy and I`m very excited to start working here in Avellaneda!

Todo mi amor, besos
Elder Jolley

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