Monday, March 18, 2013

Hola Mamía y familia!

Elder Jolley and Elder Lopez in Bosques
¿Cómo están? Feliz día de San. Patricio! Ha little different, but el mismo sentido no? Me and another elder americano in our Pinch had fun celebrating yesterday the best we could. We wore our green ties and that was about it! It isn´t really a huge "holiday" here. We pinched los latinos in our apartment for not having green and they kinda got bugged.. oops! Guess it´s something that stays there en casa.

We´ve had a great week! Elder Lopez is a stud and we get along really well. He´s got a funny humor so we spend the whole day laughing which has been really fun. Bosques is TOTALLY different than La Plata. Fa! It´s like I´ve gone to a completely different mission! The biggest difference is just how the area is.. a lot of dift streets and tons of streets. In La Plata I got a little lazy and sometimes got used to taking taxis.. so now I´m paying for that, ha I´m super tired! We´re working hard to find new people here. We tried working last week with old investigators and didn´t really find any success with that so we´ve got like 29 pages of less active members that we´re gonna go through and try and rescue some souls! I´m excited, it´ll get me to know the area si o si! I´m locating myself a bit more everyday, but still have the great risk of getting lost if I were here solo! Dad asked if I stayed as Zone Leader, that´s a yes for ya! Unless President Thurgood changes things when he comes I should stay a zone leader until I leave. I like it! I´m always learning new and better ways to work and especially love the missionaries that we have in the zone! We´ve got some incredible Elders right now in our zone! Our zone is one of the leaders in the mission as far as baptismal fechas so you can imagine the quality of Elders we´re talking about! Haha I´m excited to be here and to learn how to be more like them!

Ah so you guys heard about el Papa! Bergoglio el Argentino! We had heard about that earlier in the week. To be honest it wasn´t that big at all.. All the Catholics recognized i,t but it was super indifferent. Everyone is "Catholic" here but how involved you are is another story. It was cool! :) GO Papa!

Had a cool experience this last week, a guy came to Buenos Aires from the MTC in Provo to do some evaluations here and I started asking him about home and he said that he knows President Nally and also that he has done some evaluations with Ryan in the MTC!! Small world. We had lunch with him and had a great time talking about how things are going back home and he really helped us learn about our Missionary Purpose! Sounds like there is a ton of changes in the Missionary Program and from the sound of our ward, things are seriously picking up!

Getting low on time! I hope that you guys have a great week. This week I´ve learned a lot about the Atonement and how to trust more in the Savior, how important it is to trust Him! I also learned that our prayers are heard and we´re always being taught. I´ve been praying and working to be more understanding and loving in my life and in my work. Sometimes it has felt like I´m ALONE! Some of the hardest times where we ask, "God, where art thou??" This week it was like that. The Atonement for me isn´t just an event that the Savior passed through in His life, but it´s a power that He obtained to help us and lift our burdens. Instead of focusing on bringing the "event" of the atonement in my life, I´ve learned to allow the Savior Himself to enter and allow His spirit be apart of my day. When I can do that, then I see the true affects of the Atonement of Jesus Christ take place in my life. I couldn´t learn that until I was willing to recognize HIM as the only one capable of helping me and of course being humble enough to do it in His way. It´s a process that´ll take a lifetime but how grateful I am for my mission that is teaching these eternal truths and practices!

Hope you all can allow the Savior to come into your lives and try and be more like He is. By doing so the Atonement can mean something more in each of our lives. I know that it´s true. :)

Elder Jolley

(Editor's note: Eler Jolley did not send any specific info about his pictures.)

Elder Jolley and a little friend

A ride on the train

Elder Jolley and Elder Jarvis with an Argentine family

Elder Jolley and Elder Jarvis with the members

Elder Jarvis and Elder Jolley with member missionaries

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