Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey guys! :)

Thanks for all the emails.. sounds like everyone is moving up there. Kinda crazy all the changes, but glad that it´s still the same family right? We´ve got transfers this week. I´m not sure if I´m gonna leave.. I´ve been here for a while so the idea of leaving seems weird just cause Villa Elvira where it's at! We´ve got a lot of changes right now in the mission, getting ready for President Thurgood, we´re trying to get everything top notch and ready for when he and Hermana Thurgood arrive! There a ton of zone leaders going now in the next 3 transfers so anything could happen. I´m kinda in between everything, I´d love to get to know another area and start fresh somewhere, but I also know that there is still a lot that I can do here! It´s nice knowing a lot about the area, you can measure your efforts and see where more is needed and where you can continue working hard. There is always a lot of care that the Lord's vineyard needs! This last week we´ve been trying to tighten loose ends and get ourselves to the point where we´re able to work hard and be effective. With the baptism of Abril we spent a lot of time with the members of our ward. We´ve been doing new things with them to help them be more involved in missionary work. The Lord has truly blessed us to have "special events" where members can bring their friends and invite them to get to know the church! So.. hay que aprovechar! :) The baptism of Abril was SO good! Miracles por todos lados.. wow! Unfortunately la abuela de la Hna. Ortiz Martinez passed away this last week so it has been an especially trying week for them. In the end though it was awesome being able to help them feel the spirit of Christ in these hard times.

We´ve been working hard to help more and more get to know our message- we´ve got a lot of room to grow, but thank heaven we´ve got the gospel right!? :) We´re happy, healthy and dedicated to the work of the Lord! We´ve gotta get going right now, but I´ll have more for you guys next week! Love ya tons!

Elder Jolley

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