Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey Family!!! :)

SOO good to hear from you guys! I loved all the emails and thank each of ya for all the great experiences that you shared. Dad, bummer with the car! Did you park it in the "Fiorito" section? Hehe... little Argentine yoke :) Glad that all was made better by Apple! Ah, what a week! It passed by quick, but Sunday we received great news from all sides. Our mission has found and baptized more people that this part of Argentina has seen in "centuries" and our Zone continues to surprise and blow me away. The Elders and Sisters were able to work harder and achieve more goals than all the weeks that I have been here (I know it doesn´t make that long but still)."And in that day Adam blessed God and was filled, saying: Blessed be the name of God, for because of my transgression my eyes are opened, and in this life I shall have joy, and again in the flesh I shall see God." I´m soo happy and love this work!! :) This week has been a refining one, but I can only express how thankful I am for the Savior and His desire to fill our hearts with joy! I truly know that He lives after this week! :) What a great a Gospel we have in our lives!

To answer a couple questions: The tummy is great! :) Haleluya! Thanks for all the concern, you guys are so great! PACKAGE!! :) Thank you so much for the October 1st birthday celebration! haha I guess it had been in the offices for a little bit, but the important thing is that it arrived. The Zone got together today and played some hard-core fĂștbol... I´m out of shape! But the Snickers were a great re-fuel for the group and WOW, thank you so much for everything else that was in there! Also Papi, you asked about President Stapley, unfortunately he´ll only be here for a couple more months and in July we´ll be getting a new President. I should be with the new President from July to the end of my mission. I´m sad obviously that he´ll be leaving, but have learned that God has planned things out perfectly so I know that we´ll be able to grow as a mission and as missionaries from both Presidents! Also CONFERENCE weekend! I´m so excited. We will be able to watch it at the same time as you guys up there.. just a couple hours later. The only bummer is that priesthood session starts at 9 o´clock down here and well.. doesn´t really fit in with the missionary schedule so we won´t be able to watch that for 2 years! ... I´ll have the Pastrami Burger with a strawberry milkshake from Burger Supreme, please! :)

This week went by flying!! We had a great week though and were able to get a lot done in the first part of the week. President Stapley came to our district meeting and we ended up getting paired up to do some practices. Elder Jolley and Elder Stapley- imagine that! Haha I was a lot bit nervous to teach with him for fear of equivocation, but it was actually one of the most powerful "fake" lessons that I´ve taught! :) I learned a lot from President and am so grateful to have learned to put off what I wanted to happen in the lesson and really focus on the spirit and what it was telling us about these investigators! Both were able to feel the spirit strongly and teach according to the spirit. The whole zone left the meeting really excited and filled with the spirit! The second part of the week was a little bit slower. Seemed for a minute like everything that was happening in the area, and in my life had the brakes slambed.. on them? (grammatical errors.. ¿no se?). We had a couple families, Lorena y Favio y a great lady that we found named Rosario loose interest a little bit and just stop progressing. We felt pretty confused as to how things stopped so quick. We kept working hard trying to find other investigators, contact people, work with the members but nothing was giving us a lot of success. I learned a lot about patience this week! :) We have 2 years on a mission to work and to progress (also in our lives) - can´t loose a second of it- but we also have to be willing to understand that the Lord doesn´t do things in great heaps rather gives to us line upon line. I think we were wanting to see a lot of "perfection" with our investigators and to become the missionary that God wants me to be ¡YA! but we needed to learn to continue forward with patience and diligence. I love the talk by Henry B. Eyring about taking on the next Mountains in our lives, always wanting to take more upon ourselves. I know that it is important to learn and become all that we can in each trial that we are given and instead of asking for the next trial to prove our ability, I have found great blessings in asking the Lord to teach me ALL that He would have me learn before I feel like I am strong enough to move on! We continue to find miracles in Villa Elvira. We have a couple appointments tonight with these families (Luisa y Lorena) and we are sure that the Lord will help us to bring the Gospel where it is needed in their lives.

Well I love you guys very much, sorry this week is a little bit short.

I love you guys so much and give my assurance that the Lord wants to lead and guide our lives and that we truly can become instruments in His hands through our dedication to His commandments and through humble but fervent prayer. I know that He is aware of each concern that we have and that if we can approach Him and His beloved son with our burdens we will find the way to progress in our lives in order to experience the JOY that this Gospel is. I know that Jesus Christ is the center of our Father in Heavens work! :) Have a great conference weekend and let's listen closely!

All my love,
Elder Jolley

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