Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our first email!!


You would not believe the butterflies that are floating around in my stomach right now! I didn't think I'd be able to get an email off to you guys until next week but they gave us a time to do laundry today, so I'm postponing doing that so i can write you guys! Thanks so much for the DearElder letters, those were fantastic... might have brought a tear or two to my eye! It was at the most perfect time. I felt all your love and support and I have really been feeling it during these first few days. I can't believe that it's already Saturday! Here in the MTC all days feel the same.. I've lost track of days having names. I only know things by what is going on in our schedule. (scheduling the MTC way is divine!!) Being new and everything we've been being taught a lot of "the missionary" way or doing things and as me and my companion have strived to be obedient to mission rules and to goals that we've set as companionship I have felt the spirit with me more. Yesterday at the end of the day, I was beyond tired and my mind felt like it had hit its max capacity.. which isn't to much as you all know. Ha ha ha i make funny jokes still ;) but i felt just drained and never thought i'd be able to get all my "end of the night" stuff done but I know that because I got those things done that i had extra time. I ended up with time to just sit around for a minute.

My district is fantastic. Did you guys get my letter?? I sent it on thursday but anyway in there it'll explain a little more that I've been put in the Advanced class and that I am with 6 fantastic spanish speakers. All but two of us have grew up with spanish influence. So even though it is hard, the Lord has really blessed me with resources to grow in the language. So remember how in that email we were planning on me leaving on December 20?.. Scratch that. I leave on November 9th to Argentina to start my work in the field!!!!!! Ah! How crazy is that? I feel a little sad because i was so looking forward to this MTC experience and the concentrated work that this place brings but it'll be such a rich opportunity to get out there quicker and start to serve. This also brings a lot of intimidation and the huge responsibility to take advantage of everyday! I'm doing soo well at understanding. The lord is so much apart of this work! Heavenly Father is such a loving and merciful Father. I have been surrounded by his love so much and especially comforted. My speaking lacks.. but it's coming as I am immersed in constant spanish all day. What a blessing! so much of my time is working on growing in teaching that I have kinda been slacking on general gospel study but that is where I'm grateful for the prep. I had before the mission.

I'm doing well. Sleeping great and striving hard to be the missionary i should be. I know the Lord is blessing me and as i continue with a faith-filled attitude I know that i will grow.. i know that the language will come and that i'll be ready for Argentina in 21/2 weeks. WOO!! How's home life?? Did the kids have a fun fall break? what's new? I don't know what else to ask cause i just want to be filled in completely.

Tomorrow will be the first sunday (obviously) but I've heard that they are amazing here! My branch president is fantastic and I look forward to growing with his help. We all have to prepare a talk for sundays because they call on people randomly. Being in a spanish branch this means that it will have to be in spanish. (K. I know i'm pointing out the obvious but sometimes it's the obvious that strikes us the hardest) So at least mine will be catered to primary/nursery age children :) haha. Let me know how home is and I'll fill ya in more as i go! Thanks for your prayers and again for the letters. Incredible!

Love you all so so much!
Elder Jolley Jr.

PS. You'll probably get to talk to ryan first so let him know that i contacted the mongolians and they are thrilled to be coming out! They're a great bunch of guys and will continue being a benefit to that place! Also Brother Mortensen passes on his love! Sorry for no pictures, i barely got on to the email without problems. (Sky man you woulda been useful)

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