Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey-lo family!!
Goodness.. a week has already flown by?? That is crazy because the days have been soo long! (very very good though). Thursdays are my p-days and it has been such a blessing today! We got to go to the temple earlier this morning and do an endowment session so that was really cool to go and do those again! This week I've been studying the difference between faith and TRUE faith. The bible dictionary explains it as a "confidence or a trust", that was a powerful word. Think to yourselves what the word confidence means. Cool how it can apply to faith!

I saw Laura Mann in the temple so that was fun to see a familiar face, even though I see them all the time around here! I've been able to run into so many buddies from LP and now as missionaries it's so awesome to see those friendships grow!
Ah I don't like emailing from here because it is such a time stress, but I'll try and fill you guys in as much as possible! My companion Elder Jackman is such a capo! (stud in most Latin American countries: drug dealer in others :) use that word carefully I guess). He best reminds me of Spencer Simpson, I swear he's his mini-me, but he has been a great buddy and a heaven sent in helping me to learn Spanish. In looking back over this last week I feel like I didn't know anything, but through the spirit and the comfort that it brings I know that we are able to see things through an eternal perspective and be able to have a clear view of things that we need to grow and improve on!

haha You guys will get a kick outta this... the food!!! INCREDIBLE!! The second day, I think it was, I popped a button off one of my pants! :) hahaha dang tailors didn't do something right apparently! Haven't sown it back on yet cause the sewing stuff intimidates me. Also I'm sitting here doing my laundry and well that's a mess too! But the Lord has plans to help us grown in many different aspects! I'm not pudging, but I'll be running up more stairs from now on!
The MTC is an incredible place, I can't say that enough! I feel like I've experienced every single emotion possible, but I have nothing but faith and love for my dear Savior! Spanish is interesting because the word choice is on such a deeper level, like they translate words and phrases to mean things a lot different. For example if you want to say through it can be por.. or a traves. A traves is used to describe going "through a process" so A traves la expiacion de Jesucristo podemos ser limpiado de nuestros pecados! meaning: going through the process of knowing and understanding and doing the Atonement we can become clean from our sins! How beautiful is that? That was it isn't just a check off list, but we really come to know and understand this process that our Savior went through in order that we can become new. Another amazing thing is the gift of tongues! I know that this is a gift only through the holy spirit! We teach our progressive investigators everyday and I've been able to actually communicate a little of what I want to say and I think tomorrow or the next day we're going to "commit" one of them to baptism!

Sorry time is running out... I'll write more in my letters to you, but I just want to end with something that Elder Hallstrom said on the Tuesday night devotional. Reverance is defined as: to revere or show respect and love for Diety. As missionaries and especially PERSONAL representatives of Jesus Christ if we are living our lives with reverence towards God then the most important message that we, or members of this church, can bring to others is the "message", if you will, of ourselves. We are the message we bear this sacred opportunity as we live our lives with love and respect towards our Heavenly Father. I KNOW that my Savior lives. He is my light and my hope. If we can focus and give 100% of our devotion and lives to Him he WILL guide and direct us. I've seen and come to know that this week.

Love you all so very much and for the package!!
Elder Jolley Jr.

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