Monday, October 10, 2011

Brayden's Farewell

Sunday, October 9th. Brayden's mission farewell. The last few days have been really chilly and rainy, but we woke up to a beautiful, sunny fall day. As we arrived at the church, not only were we grateful to be there with our ward family, but to have so many family and friends there in attendance was amazing and wonderful. We are so blessed and thankful to have so many people come and support Brayden at this time as he has prepared to go to serve the people in Argentina.

Brayden was asked to speak on "Personal Revelation" and gave a beautiful talk. After the meeting we came back to our home to enjoy some food and to visit with all those who came. It was a packed house with family and friends!

Everyone gathering at our home

Skyler, Brayden, Uncle Todd and cousin Brett

Brayden with his mom

Brayden with buddies Chase, Jake and Tanner

Brayden with cousin Cami

Brayden with buddy Zach

Cousins Natalia and Kylee

Cousins Natalia, Kylee, Sister Kendyl, Cousin Tanner
Cousins Clare and Haley

Friends Megan, Zach and Jake

Friends and family enjoying some food

Mom and Uncle Jeff

Thanks to ALL for your time and for coming, sharing, helping and visiting!

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