Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Family!! :)

It has been such a quick week.. I feel exactly like you said mom, there were so much events that happened this week that it seems like last week was last year! Things were a lot crazy this week! I don´t know if it was because transfers started, but we found ourselves busy with some activity every day this week (and coming off festivities for the New Year..of course). We made a couple trips by train to the mission offices and had other meetings the other days! I missed good missionary work. I really noticed a big difference in the week and in the "nivel de pelea" as worked to complete our goals and help out our amazing investigators. Gratefully we were so blessed this week to do the things that we had to do and were able to get more work done in Villa Elvira. I´ve seen a big difference this week from something that I think the Lord has been trying to teach me for awhile, as we end the week we´re able to see little weaknesses in our work or areas that have the threat of becoming weaknesses. We´ve been focused on identifying these areas and making plans to fix them before they get worse! It has really been a blessing to strengthen our weakness and only worry about maintaining those things that we´re doing in- as we´ve done so we´ve really been able to see the potential of success that the Lord has for us. We are trying to apply this to our zone as well and help to "sanctify" all aspects of our work. We have a LOT of hope for what we´re going to be able to accomplish!! I can´t remember if I told you all about Pres. Stapley's plan for the mission to try and "obtain a better vision" of what the Lord wants us to do. This last week was the last week before we would be able to go to the temple! Wow.. what a blessing this 3 weeks have been for me. It´s impossible to explain how certain I am that the Lord really inspires us and guides us in our lives. And to top it off we had an incredible time at the temple today! :)We got there at 11 this morning and were able to take a few minutes to be out in the grounds of the temple and take some pictures. When it was our turn we went in with a big group and had an incredible session. I´ve missed the temple lots! The peace that there is inside the Lord's house is in itself a confirming witness that our Heavenly Father really knows and loves us. President and Sister Stapley were also inside the temple and we had a couple minutes to be with them inside the temple. Super cool experience!!

So sorry, gotta cut short today! I started this week the Book of Mormon with the goal to read 1 chapter a day in order to finish in August!! :) It´s gonna happen. I loved this week 1 Nephi 3:8 and how happy Lehi was with Nephi as a Father that Nephi was able to understand the things of the Lord. We also have the same opportunity as Nephi to be able to understand and be blessed by the Lord as we Desire to know the Mysteries of God. Hope that you guys find success in your goals! Stick to em!

Much Love
Elder Jolley
Elder Lewis and Elder Jolley

Elder Jolley zone group

Elder Alvarado, Elder Jolley and Elder Lewis,  Elder Villalba
(all his companions)
Buenos Aires, Argentina Temple

 Elder Villalba and Elder Jolley

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