Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey family! I´m writing ya´ll from LA PLATA now! We had some transfers this week and I guess that it was my time to go! Wow.. hard to say goodbye after 7 1/2 months in an area (and I´ll add that it was decently hard to pack it all up) and being so used to the life there! Yesterday was pretty tough saying goodbyes, but I´m SUPER happy for what I was able to do and so grateful for what I was taught there. I feel like Fiorito was the best thing that could have happened in my mission and that I left a better, more capable missionary. I´ve now been assigned to be a Zone Leader in Villa Elvira! :) haha que basura no? When Presidente Stapley called me, I just gave a little giggle and said okay, that I´d love the calling. I´m with a CAPO from Peru se llama Elder Mines. We got along great from the beginning and both have super high hopes and desires for what we want to do in the area. It has been a little bit beat up lately so the first priority will be to gain confidence and we already promised to work really hard to start showing a better example to the Zone. We had about a 2 hour train ride to our new area... I actually haven´t been in my area yet.. but I think it´s nice! It was so good to see more of Argentina and so how much empty space there was. We´re more in el campo I guess, but a good mix of city also. I´ll make sure to get some pictures and to actually arrive in my area- I think then I´ll be able to tell ya´ll a little bit more.

Alright just gotta let you all know that miracles happen!! This last week was one of those weeks where I just stood back and was open mouthed at what the Lord had done for us. I was talking to our Zone Leaders last week and they were pretty down because we hadn´t reached our goal of baptisms and they were wondering why. They were saying how much we need to show that we believe and can baptize. They asked us to do all we can to have a baptism and to get everything going so we can work harder next month. Elder Juarez and I were invited to baptize this last week, when looking at people who could, we had zero. On Monday though when we went to the temple we fasted that doors would open up and that we would be led to someone who was ready to be baptized. We had been working with a young kid named Bruno for a couple of weeks and felt like he could be the one. We made plans to help him gain a testimony and started the week. When we passed by Monday night, hope was low... he hadn´t been following through with commitments and just wasn´t showing very much interest in it. Tuesday: we had a little conversation with his mom who was really against the idea of the church through the whole process of teaching him! This is where the real miracle took place. We found her extremely kind and open to what we were saying and eventually was able to see how important this choice would be in Bruno´s life. In the end she gave consent to allow him to be baptized!!! :) Wednesday: we came super excited to teach and committed him to read and pray every night. (which he did and continues to do!) Thursday: we showed up at the house and found a different Bruno Cabezas!! I was so amazed at the change that he had had in his life- he just looked different! Then I knew that we had helped someone to come unto Christ and even more how tender the mercies of the Lord really are. Elder Juarez and I were just amazed at how much the Lord had blessed us and showed His love for the desires that we had! Friday, Saturday were just great days continued in our teaching. Sunday!! Sunday was a hard day, but an incredible day! I felt like there was a ton to manage so at some points I felt like my head was in the clouds. Between saying goodbye and enjoying the baptism of Bruno I was filled with a lot of different emotions. In the end, a lot of love was felt in the heart!

Elder Juarez, Bruno and Elder Jolley.
A couple new baptism presents.

Bruno's Baptism Day   •   Sunday, August 26th

Hey... time is super short and we´ve gotta go take care of some things before we get to work. I want you all to know that I´m so so happy, I´m thrilled to be a missionary and haven´t been more excited to work harder before in my mission. I´m learning and loving this special message. I also testify that God lives and answers according to our desires and humble prays. I know that He has a plan for each of us and that He helps us to achieve what is TRULY best for us. I thought that I had a plan for what I wanted to do in Fiorito, but when leaving I looked back and learned that our Father in Heaven did greater things and made a more faithful and convinced servant of Elder Jolley- for that I will praise and testify of His sacred name all my days! He lives and will manifest that to us. (Alma 12:10)

With all my love to my family!
Elder Jolley

A new found pancho for Elder Jolley

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