Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Family!!

Hey! :) Hope that your week was good and that ya´ll keep paying your taxes!! Haha... not to shabby! I'm convinced on the whole government tax thing. :) How you guys have a few more trips this summer with school starting and all that! I can´t believe how fast time is going and what time we´re already in.. It is weird to come back every Monday and try and skim past all that has happened.

We had a good week in Fiorito and a fantastic day today! I´ll talk a little bit more about the temple. I´ll try and give a run down of the week. We got pretty wet this week and were stopped in the work because of it. When it rains, Argentina turns into a ghost town. We had a few great appointments that fell through from the rain so it was a bit of a bummer. It was a good time to evaluate how we plan and get more organized so that we never have to stop being successful :) We´ve heard that the La Tormenta "Santa Rosa" hits pretty hard in August. So when it rains it usually wants to stay for the whole month! Ha, our apartment has a little lake in the entry way from all the rain. We were able to work a little bit with a couple families, Walter y Silvia, Lorena, Santa y Maria and some menos activo familes. Our focus this week has been on helping our investigators get the the temple. They are all moving along pretty good, just trouble getting to church. Walter y Silvia had told us that they would come to church, so Sunday morning we left early to go and look for them, but turns out they couldn´t go, but luckily they sent with us their 3 kids!! a Being "parents" for the day was a little weird. I learned the parents appreciation for Primary and other Sunday School classes. We had to go in the bus with them from their house and when we finally got the church we got in, introduced them to the teacher, pushed them in the room and shut the door and didn´t see them again till sacrament meeting! :) How inspired is this church! ;) Nah... kidding, all is a huge exaggeration because the kids were so good. They are reading the Book of Mormon and the teachers told us after the meetings that they knew everything and were answering all the questions! Ha imagine that!

THE. TEMPLE. Wow!!! Seriously you can only imagine this place. We pulled up in the bus this morning and I was speechless. There was such a beauty and magnificance to the place that truly made my love grow even more for the temple. They estimated that there were about 8,000 people there today! We got there at 10 o´clock and got in about 2 in the afternoon, but worth every second! The inside is gorgeous and so peaceful! It has a blue and gold theme like the Argentine flag, with dark wood in the whole building. I was so grateful to be back in the temple! I know that it is the house of God and His spirit is there. Argentina is being so blessed by this event and is opening up doors to people that are prepared to return to this building. In the celestial room, I saw so many people just cry because their temple is constructed again and overwhelmed by the peace felt as they held close their families. What a blessing to have the temples of God on the Earth. Families truly can have a better vision of what this life is about and how we can live it better. I thought a lot about the different rooms of the temple all leading up to the experience in the Celestial Room. It truly gives an idea of what things will be like... not an idea that we get from reading, but that we can actually be there and feel it. Please go to the temple this week! :) I know that we´ll be able to feel our Heavenly Father there and He will lift the burdens of the world off our shoulders and let us enter His rest even if it´s just a second and we can go out feeling more capable to be a disciple of His son Jesus Christ. They live and love us!

With all my love to you and my thanks for our eternal relations!
Have a great week
Elder Jolley

Pictures from the Beunos Aires Argentina Temple~

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