Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey Family!

So I think I need to apologize if I didn´t make sense.. A couple people have said that I need some help on the English end! I really hope that you guys were smiling and nodding because you understood me and not cause you just hadn´t seen me for a while! My brain feels like someone shook it up (no offense Skyler) with spanish and english and now it´s trying to figure out which one to use. It is such an awesome feeling and at the same time makes things interesting.

Well this last week was just incredible!! Something happened this week and Fiorito is beginning to explode. I feel incredibly grateful to my Heavenly Father for just how involved He is in our work right now! My testimony is so strong that this Church is guided by His hand. We have been able this week to find in their homes ALL our investigators and have been able to introduce a member into each charla that we have. We have about 12 investigators right now that we are heavily invested in
and they are all so great and all willing to progress and make the changes needed towards baptism. In our weekly planning session this week we had the ablility to set some pretty high goals for what we
wanted to accomplish.. not blindly though! It was probably the best, and most spirit guided planning that I have had and I understand the difference when we plan with our investigators needs in mind and by the spirit. To say the best part of it we should by the end of this week have 12 people with a fecha bautismal for the month of June!! :) Wahoo!!! That is more than Fiorito has seen in months and is a testimony to how different this area has become.. we are seeing the Lord's hand opening doors and opening posibilities to do things that I thought were impossible when I first got here!

I´ve told you a little bit about Donene and Juana, well this week they both accepted a fecha for the 2 June and have been able to see great progression with them! We had a great/weird lesson with them on Saturday. When we passed by Donene´s cousin from el campo (basically a hick from the south is what I´d compare it to) was there and is a huge evangelical member. We had to avoid.. contention.. by saying things that he didn´t think were good. We were able to teach them though about the influence that the Book of Mormon has in helping us to receive answers- especially the connection with Joseph Smith. They committed to be  better about reading. Juana told us about an interesting dream that she had where she was in a "darkness" and a man appeared to her with a bronze ball and told her to go to church and she´ll find an answer to her questions... This ring familiar to anybody else?? HA it was all me and Elder Merritt could do to not bust out laughing and teaching her ALL of Lehi´s vision in that very second!! We´re super excited for them!

Also this week we had a very humbling experience with a man named Alfredo. We were actually looking for someone else when we asked Alfredo for better directions. We began to talk with him and he told us that he never really has given religion a lot of importance until now. He feels that there is an empty space that needs to be filled. We explained to Him our purpose and about the nature of our Heavenly Father in helping us in our lives. Alfredo promised us in the moment that although he doesn´t know much about our or any other church, that he wants us to guide him to having God be more involved in his life!

I love being a missionary and being able to witness the power of the spirit in helping to give hope and comfort to those who may not know it well. We are working hard, I feel like I´m growing as a missionary and coming to know my Savior better. Sergio Gomez explained it last night in a special way saying that Elders have the special priviledge to LIVE the true and pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.. The true essence of it. I am humbled to be His disciple and to know of the redemption that
He brings to those who will be faithful in believing and "hoping for a better world." We can gain this hope now in this life and transform it to a knowledge. In D&C 138:12-15 it talks about how we can go into eternal life with a firmness in hope- by maintaining a faith and trust in Christ. I´d invite ya´ll to read it! We had a great week and were able to grow and mature as missionaries for sure!

I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for your emails, congrats to the kiddies who get summer in a couple weeks! Go Nuts!

Until next week,
Elder Jolley

Dad! Way to go skinny! You look so fit and I´m super proud of ya for finishing! Sky man you´re in my prayers buddy.. take it easy aight?

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