Monday, April 30, 2012

Querido Familia!

 ¡Buen DIA! Hey, so happy to hear that Sky man is doing better, those were some pretty sick pictures.. I´m so sorry that happened but also am thankful! In scary moments it is great to see how close we can come as a family and to our Heavenly Father. He has an interesting way of protecting us enough for us to still learn the worth of each one of us! I was grateful to hear how close Sky and Mom have probably grown in this week. It is an incredible relationship that we have as a family and maybe an opportunity to understand what really is important in our family relationships. I continue to be so so grateful for the example that you have been setting for me, always returning to our Heavenly Father.

We had a great lesson yesterday with an "eternal Investigadora." Her name is Norma and has been meeting with the missionaries for years, I believe I´ve mentioned her, anyway she has been pretty mistreated by her husband this last week and has come to faiths edge. We had a little charla fronca with her about what she believes and what is most important to Heavenly Father, basically what we can do to align ourselves better with Him. Elder Merritt in the lesson said something that has stood out in my mind. He said that, "the Gospel is set made perfectly for to support the family." As we truly live the principles of the Gospel as a family we are exalted to new levels of living and happiness!

This week has been COLD. No.. I´m not a fan but neither am I in some weird country on the other side of the world like.. Mongolia or something like that! Count my many blessing no? Haha pobresito! It hasn´t been too cold here but the humidity really changes things up. As the wind gets blowing that´s when you can really feel it. We had a good time walking and enduring through it! On Tuesday I had a great learning moment as we went from house to house trying to find some success, it was cold and we weren´t really getting anywhere. We hadn´t seen a face in a good while, we clapped on a house and a man finally came out! Up front he told us that he didn´t want anything to do with what we had to say but he had a lot of respect for the work that we were doing. He said that he wanted to come out and tell it to our faces, to which I was incredibly thankful. This week things have felt like they are trying to go into the "well it´s just normal or that´s just how it is" phase. I learned that things need to be hard to keep us uncomfortable. I have been studying and trying to find ways to work differently... it has been tough and haven´t really figured out how the Lord wants me to work but I know it´s in this way that we find the Savior and the true meaning of our beliefs. Because He suffered so long without becoming discouraged, surely we all can be uncomfortable in our lives for a little in order to know Him better. I am excited for the cold, to see what trials I´ll be able to pass through!

We have been able to work a lot with the Rama this week. We have a special group of Saints out here in Fiorito and I love them tons! We have been working with our Presidente de la Rama to help strengthen la unidad of the Rama. We have been able to see a great difference in the way that we work as the Elders with the President through Love and are going to be working harder with the Home Teaching Program in order to nourish the Saints here! Our President is probably the greatest source of joy in the work we´ve done here! He is a true friend and a different man! We have seen him work and work to fill his responsibilities! We work hand in hand with him to support what he feels that the Rama needs. I have grown really close to their family and love seeing the growth that the Lord is helping us to receive!

Today we had a ...New... Experience in Argentina. We did a service project with a lady in our ward who needed to replace her "Poop-Pipe" that leads to the local "Poop-ditch" (please excuse the use of the word). Anyways it was going so great digging and trenching and hitting rocks.. felt like a man! :) Then came time to break down the cement barrier so that "IT" could flow to the pipe. I didn´t feel good anymore. Haha images of the movie RV came to mind! ha anyway the Hermana got all up and in there to attach it right while I just looked at her. It was unbelievable how quick she went after it!! I guess I need a little more time to become like the people! It was a great blessing to help her.. Weird moment in the mission! We were able to get it all done and complete for her!

I love love serving my Savior Jesus Christ! I know that He is directing us! I know that being uncomfortable truly helps us to know Christ in a deeper way! He is our redeemer and truly saves us in our lives! I know that being willing and converting our hearts to Him blesses our abilities. (D&C 61: 23-24) Have a great week and I love you all!

Elder Jolley

¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS PAPI! te agradezco por el ejemplo que nos da. Su familia es mejor a causa de su servicio y la manera que maneja su sacerdocio. QUE LA CUMPLA FELIZ Te amo Pa

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