Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Family!

Wow.. what a week. I am so glad to hear that Sky man is alright and recovering, he is in my prayers. I am grateful that our Heavenly Father watches over you all, more than anything! Thanks for all your letters and it´s interesting every week to hear about your lives and to share in your experiences.

This week has been a great great week! A fantastic finish to a transfer. Elder Merritt and I are still together and look forward to finishing up the work here in Fiorito! I am glad to be staying here, the past 3 months have been some of the toughest months, but I have come to see our Heavenly Father's hand in my life more than ever. Elder Merritt and I have worked really hard to increase the "possibilities" of the area. In the past 3 months we´ve found 105 investigators, contacted and reactivated several families and have changed the attitude of our Rama. The leaders are more involved and continue to surprise us with the level of care that have for their callings. Every Sunday it is a humbling experience to see the numbers of the Rama, but everyone is special and has an important role in our little family! I am excited in this next transfer to start seeing results to the work. We have about 6 people that are progressing towards a baptismal fecha and are working with this AWESOME family that I told you about last week (the family of 7). We weren´t able to see them this week, but tomorrow we´ll be inviting them to be baptized. So we´ll just wait and see the miracles that are ahead of us this transfer!

Sorry this week I´m not gonna have much time. Last night I got pretty sick. My luck caught up to me! haha so it has drained my time pretty good. I will share a couple of great experiences that we had last night. We had a lesson with a lady that has been meeting with missionaries for about 2 years, she is basically a member, but is just waiting on her husband to marry her so she can get baptized. When we showed up the husband came out and said Hi and then walked out the fence, there was a soccer game on at his friend's house so he wasn´t able to meet with us last night. We left with a lot of time before our next cita, trying to figure out the best way to use our time we decided to start walking towards the bottom of our area to try and find a family that we met the other day. While we were walking we passed by an investigator's house that we hadn´t met with in awhile. I had the strong impression to stop and turn back to their house. When we got there they kindly let us in and we began talking with them. We talked about the blessing of having a living prophet in the world and the need of having the word of God for our day. They really opened up and accepted the message and later asked my favorite question... "How do people enter your church?" We explained to them the importance of baptism and took out a fecha for the 19th of May! The spirit was so strong and I could really feel the guidance of the spirit in helping these people come to Christ. I was extremely humbled and grateful for the priviledge as missionaries to have the companionship of the Spirit. After we left we went to visit a less active member named Sergio Gomez who has been very far from the church in the past couple years and is starting to return to the church. We had a great lesson with him about repentance and the priesthood. He was taught and was able to make plans to bring himself closer to Christ in the weeks ahead.

Alright I´m sorry, times up! I want you to know how much a love you all and the blessing that you each have in my life. I´m excited to see you all on Mother's Day. I´m not sure where we´ll be doing it or when, but I´ll be looking into it in the next couple of weeks. Please forgive me for the short letter this week. I´m happy and love being a missionary. I am grateful to our Savior who blesses us constantly. Please take care and have a fantastic week!

All my love
Elder Jolley

The first picture is with a Flia Flores.
We had a fun activity with them and this is the end of it.

Elder Merritt and I waiting for transfer calls

Trying to get warm this morning by the oven. COLD has arrived in Argentina!

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