Monday, March 12, 2012

Good morning!!

Phew after a quick power outage we´re back on and ready to go! Thanks so much for all the emails and updates. Love hearing from you all and the new things that pick up in your lives. Today we are in Lanus, we dropped off some letters at correo, ate some delicious pizza and are back again at the ciber! Today has been the first monday in a few weeks where me and Elder Merritt have been cruising around solo! In this area we´ve done a lot more as a district. With transfers today though we weren't able to get together. Yes, that means we´re up for round 2 in da Fiorito! I'm excited and have my head on a little straighter of what it is that we need to do, a little more of "how to be a missionary" mentality. Elder Merritt and I are getting along great and I´m excited to keep learning and growing as we work together. Every companionship is completely different with two points of view, I´ve definitely learned a lot from his experience and have had to adjust myself in order to efficiently work with him and for the Lord. He´s a very funny guy. He has some incredibly funny sayings which keep me laughing and help distinguish him as Elder Merritt. It is going to be a great transfer, mostly refreshing to start over new and work on becoming more like Christ! That is the key.

This week we ate a lot with the members. Argentina food is sin sal (no salt). They don´t like spice really. So it´s a lot of rice with meat, or noodles with meat. We have this one hermana that cooks so so good. She makes up new recipes for us that keep the mouth on edge. I still cook up a mean bowl of cereal every morning and occasionally a mean bag of crackers. Haha I´ll come back knowing how to make something... I'm determined! But for the most part we are super taken care of by the members! Oh! So when I first got to Argentina it was my goal to eat everything that was offered to me.. oops! We were having a reunion with the President of our Rama (branch) and he ate an ant. Weird! I called him out on it and he then continued to surprise us by sharing his little past-time. Bug eating! :) If you remember off The Mummy those little scarabs, I think they’re called, well there is a minature version of those here. About the size of a little bigger than an ant. They nicely asked if I would like to try... :) delicious! Haha He said that you had to bite it in half so it wouldn´t crawl back up afterwards! It was kinda strange, but didn´t taste to bad. Gave a little spicy flavor for a second which was cool. Haha I love Argentina!!!!

This week we didn´t have very much success teaching people.. again. Kinda discouraging! This has been a tough week, but turned out with miracles around every bend! It started off with a girl named Elaina. She was a contact that we had who has had SO many family tragedies. Her son who was a huge mama's boy past away really.. unfairly. We shared with her the Proclamation to the Family and left her the invitation to read it, with our number. Thursday night we received a call from Elaina telling us about how much she loved what she read and that when we talked with her she had felt so much peace. Wow!! She ended the call by telling us to come by her house Sunday because she was going to church! ...okay I guess that would be something that we can do! :) We stopped by and gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it! When Sunday came we went and picked her up and had an amazing day in church- I´ll talk about that in a minute. But she had ended up reading a good several chapters in 1 Nephi! I was blown away how willing she was to act on the peace that she had felt, trusting us (but even more trusting the spirit) to act upon our words. I testify and know how much the spirit is our tool and when used correctly can have a greater affect on the heart than any words! -Please keep in mind that we haven't even taught her a lesson or who Mormons are!

To end the transfer we had one of the best Sundays in my mission. The rama de Fiorito is very small and a little bit broken. I remember when I first got here the chapel and the reuniones (meetings) felt just incomplete and without life. People said that the rama was "asleep" and it really felt like that. We had a great opportunity to meet with several less active families and were able to help them back to church. Yesterday we were in a different place... The spirit filled the halls of the chapel and it felt like there was just this fire in the hearts of every member, everyone was just so happy. It was incredible! The rama is changing and that is what I love the most. I have seen the power of Love come into play as we’ve worked with leaders. -I will throw in a plug for home teaching, DO IT! This is the supporting unit of the church and it is mandatory for the benefit of our brothers and sisters that we nutrirles through home teaching, don´t miss a month!- The leaders of our rama are changing and I can´t wait for a new start with this transfer to see where the Lord is ready to take them!

Well shoot... Time flies! I want you all to know how much I love you all. This transfer I was working a lot on love, I´m not perfect, but I have felt the Perfect Love of our Savior and Know that when we do all we can to love others as He does, we are able to come closer and be more like Him. I know that He chose to give His life because of how much He loves us. Alma 7:11-13 couldn’t say it better. "His bowels are filled with mercy.. that He may know how to succor His people." I love you all and testify that there is nothing greater than the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Until next week,
Elder Jolley

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