Monday, January 30, 2012

¡Querido Familia!

How are you? What a boost I get to hear about all your experiences in the week! I pray for you all and hope the best for you! Again I can´t help but exclaim how much I love our Savior and how much I can see His hand in our lives. In yours and in mine.

I´m gonna dive right in, Transfers hit and I´m out of Longchamps! It was a sad goodbye to many families and a big hit leaving the Elders that were working in the Longchamps with me. Yesterday was filled with thoughts and a rollarcoaster in my tummy! I felt exactly how I did as I flew into Argentina, just anxious for what the Lord has in store. Something that I learned these last couple transfers is how to be patient with the Lord and with myself. We´ll call it the "theme for the transfer." We cannot comprhend the things that the Lord does and we know not what is best for us. What we want and what He wants is completely different. I have learned.. His way is SO great! As I thought about that yesterday, I tried to review what I had done, did I do all He wanted me to do, did I do all I could with my time? As I thought about that, I was just filled with a peace and comfort as I received a few incredibly nice letters from people that I was able to meet in my time in Longchamps. I realized that what I thought I wanted to do with the people, wasn´t what the Lord did with me. As President Stapely says, as we sanctify ourselves and do all we can to follow what we are asked to do we will be prepared to meet the people the Lord has waiting for us.

I have been asigned to Villa Fiorito!! I am with an Elder Merritt from Bear Lake, Idaho! :) We have already talked about those delish raspberry shakes up there. He came with Elder Lewis and is an amazing Elder! His spanish is great and will be a huge blessing in my life. He and I have a lot to work on here in Fiorito and a lot to improve but I know that the Lord has a purpose in me being here! He´s a stud and I can´t wait to learn a lot from him. Villa Fiorito is a great area and is pretty similar to Longchamps. More city type feel but also this is the first time I´ve been here so we´ll see how it goes. We are going to meet with the branch president tonight and we´ll be getting to know the members more and more too!

I feel terrible for ending but the time for email was cut a little bit! Elder Lewis and I had and incredible week in Longchamps. We worked hard to focus ourselves on progressing investigators and as we did we were blessed to find those who were truly prepared. I know with all my heart that the Plan of Salvation is the key to happiness. More and more my eyes are opened to the blessing that it is and my understanding of the purpose of this life grows! Families will be together forever if founded on Jesus Christ our base! I love you all my family so very very much and am grateful for your strength! I feel your love and pray for the Lord's choicest blessings to be with you all.

More from Fiorito next week!
Con Amor
Elder Jolley

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