Monday, September 30, 2013

At the moment I`m good... Haha muchos emociones all at once! I`m safe and alive. Just stopping in quick to read emails and everything like that right now, but I`ll write more on Friday.

Working hard still and just trying to take advantage of time and opportunities that I`m given. Had a GREAT time in Capital. Wow!! I`m in love with Argentina. Wish you guys could see down here! I`ll try and bring some of that spirit back with me.

Had a great lesson earlier today (we worked today so that we can have our p-day on friday) with a lady named Cinthia and her family. I was with a buddy of mine from the MTC. Most powerful lesson that I`ve had. The spirit really directs this work. Cinthia goes to another church and has been pretty closed to anything else! As the spirit helped us to testify and promise blessings a spirit of joy filled her heart- I`m convinced because of the simplicity of the restored gospel- and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. Her and her family!! That was the best- greatest feeling! No other sensation like that! :) Made me grateful for my calling and helped give me excitement to continue inviting anyone and everyone to have this gospel in their lives!!

Well short on time just wanted to say Hi! :)

I`ll send a quick one out on Friday. Hug ya soon! :) (weird!)

Elder Jolley

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