Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Family!

So so good to talk to you all yesterday! I can t believe how fast it went, but it made my day! I hope that everything else went well for you all and that you were able to enjoy the presents that you got! For me talking to you guys was the greatest present and so fun to already see how different everyone is looking. After I got of the call I went into the other room for a Christmas Lunch. The members that let us come to their house also cooked us some delicious pasta, so we ate for a bit. Most of the time I kept quiet (thinking about the call and cause there was like 10 Argentines talking at the same time! ha makes things difficult). We were over at their house for most of the afternoon until we left for the Pinch. Rules this year were that we had to be in Pinch by 6 so when we got there we decided to go up to "the nesting spot" on the roof to enjoy Christmas night! (Kendyl please notice the matching Toms) I read from Jesus the Christ about the birth of the Savior and wrote in my journal, a very peaceful night. I love how James E. Talmage writes and was able to learn a lot about the story. The rest of the night was really calm and now we're onto the week. Right now we are going to have a zone soccer game in San Vicente! It is always a blast to be able to get with the other elders. We have so many great Elders here that are so so fun to be with! I am out of time, but I'll fill you in next week! Happy Christmas to everyone there, I hope it was everything and more for you guys! I love you all so much. You mean more than anything! I love Argentina and love the love of My Redeemer. He came and He did the will of the Father. He lived for me and continues to live for all of our benefit. I LOVE being a missionary! I pray the spirit of CHRISTmas will be with all of you!

Take care!
Elder Jolley

Elder Lewis and Elder Jolley spending Christmas with a member family

Merry Christmas!

Christmas evening on "the nesting spot" of the pinch

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