Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey family!!

Ah how are you all? Things are going well on my end! I've noticed in my emails that there isn't a whole lot of things that I can write to you guys about what I'm doing here in the MTC... A lot of it just applies to sitting in a tan bricked classroom for most of the day! This week has been a little goofy for me with Elder Jackman leaving for Texas on Wednesday. I've now been put into a 3 sum (however you spell that) companionship and also put into a "refugee" district with Elders and sisters who are awaiting their Visas and all that good stuff. So we are kinda of the outcasts who nobody really knows what to do with and what to teach.. We do a lot of role playing and teaching experiences which is really helpful.

Today I find out about my flight plans. At 12 o'clock they told us to come and check in and they would then know our status. Does anybody else feel like I just got here?? And that it's really soon to be going out into the field. I'm just filled with anticipation right now.. can't really say what I'm feeling. Just excited that I'll be able to grow in a HUGE way in country. I've felt like I've been stuck on growth or just lost as to where to go with growth the last couple days, although I have been continually stretched, I'm just anticipating the opportunity to be completely immersed in the work on another level. The Lord truly is here for us! If all goes well I should be calling you guys tomorrow?.. No idea when or anything like that, but just so you are aware... I'm so sorry I wish I had more information, but it's just not coming on this end either! I'll inform you as I know! I love you all and can't wait to talk with you!

Love you tons!
Elder Jolley jr.

Mom could you please forward the other part of this on to Ryan.. I forgot his email address!

Elder Jolley!!

Hey brother how are you? I'm so so sorry that you haven't heard from me since I've been here! I'm doing amazing and am in love with the work. I'm constantly reminded how blessed I am to have your example as I go through trying times. It's such a blessing to know I have your example as something I can look to and strive to better! I've loved hearing your emails as mom sends them my way. I hope you've been able to read some of mine and have been filled in on some of the happenings with me.

I believe that this week I'll be heading down to Argentina!!! shuu dee right?! haha I've been so blessed and touched by the Lord as I've gone through the MTC and have been able to witness His hand in my life. Through any rough patch I am strengthened by His loving kindness. Teaching is an absolute dream and to take part in the salvation of another man's soul... is there a greater and more rewarding work? There is so much to learn and take in on how to be an effective teacher, but it'll come. The language has been a significant bump in the road for me, but I can bear solid testimony of the power and gift of the Holy Ghost as we place our faith in him and testify of the truths in our hearts.

I've been extremely touched by the message that we have to bear as personal representatives. In PMG chapter 10 (a heaven sent chapter) it is the "manna" to know how to teach and what to teach. The message of the restored gospel is unique and special to us and our church and is something that, if taught by the spirit, will touch the hearts of those that seek with pure intent. I don't know if you ever saw the talk with Jeffery R. Holland in here called the Miracle of Missionary work. Anyway it's lo maximo! It talks a lot of the power of the Atonement in our teaching. If I've learned anything it is that we have an older brother that did so much for us. In John 17 it talks a lot of what our potential is to be with the father and the son. In Elder Holland's talk he talks about how we can't expect to not experience a little bit if the "bitter cup" on our missions. That is the price we pay in knowing and testifying powerfully of the love of the Savior.

My time is short but i just wanted to get in touch with you! Thanks so much for all that you do and who you are! I love joining you in the work of our God! He is my light and my way. This church is nothing but true and is guided by Him who died for us! God speed in you work buddy!

Love you tons!!
Elder Jolley jr. (talk to you next from the other side of the world ya?)

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