Monday, May 23, 2011

Want to Guess??

It's official... we received word on Friday that Brayden's papers have been mailed! Wow!! They should be arriving on Wednesday. Some have posted their guess as to where they think Brayden is going on the previous post. Thanks, and please continue to give us your thoughts.... you have until Wednesday. : ) Here they all are so far:
Jeff: Capetown, South Africa
Teri: (still thinking)... okay, Madagascar... (I really have no clue!)
Ryan: Ukraine
Brayden: not guessing : )
Skyler: Russia
Kendyl: Czechoslovakia
Andraya: Mexico
Margene (Jeff's Mom): England
Doug (Teri's Dad) Chili
Barb (Teri's Mom): Ukraine
Jill (aunt): Greece
Todd (uncle): Italy
Kelly (aunt) Prague, Czechoslovakia
Jeff (uncle): New York
Cherie (aunt): New Mexico
Kylee (cousin): Australia
Tanner (cousin): Argentina
Allie (cousin): Quebec, Canada
Haley (cousin): China
Ty (cousin): Peru
Linda (aunt): Canada
Jen (aunt): Brazil
Natalia (cousin): Russia
Trey (cousin): Brazil
Chris (best buddy): Toronto, Canada
Shannon (family friend): France
Blake (friend): Japan
Johnny (family friend): India
Bunni (family friend): Philippines
Bob Hogg (uncle): Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Lindsay (cousin): Philippines
Tanner (buddy): Argentina
Jake (buddy): Columbia
Zach (buddy): Chili


  1. I'm changing my guess. The Canary Island mission doesn't exist. So my new guess is Czech Prague mission.